About Aretas

Aretas is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of wireless environmental monitors; delivering the data you need to make key decisions 24/7. Aretas also operates Aretas Aerial a turn-key provider of UAV driven monitoring solutions.

Aretas (ehr' eh tass) is a greek word that can mean moral excellence, power.

Just as our customers are unique, so are their monitoring needs. From conducting research on CO2 levels in our children’s schools, monitoring particulates for the lumber industry even remote radiation monitoring to protect emergency services Aretas strives to provide valued solutions.

The massively scalable Aretas data warehousing and analytics system is a rubust online Continuous Monitoring application providing access to complex environmental metrics, statistics, alerts, strategies and trending. Aretas uses established and cutting edge sensor research and proprietary assessment algorithms to determine meet your data and decision making requirements.

Aretas is an agile, continuous improvement company. Have a question or complex project to discuss? Contact a live representative today!

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