Products Overview

Online Wireless Sensor Analytics and Reporting

 The core of the Aretas Sensor Networks service is the online software system, which collects the data from a wide variety of environmental sensors. We deliver a wide variety of solutions with many types of sensors and monitors available. All of our sensor solutions include temperature and relative humidity that enable you to make energy savings decisions no matter your specific need.

Your data can be presented in a wide variety of useful formats including a map view, charting & statistics view, alerts page and more. For more in-depth product overview click here >>


Wireless Sensor Monitor

The Wireless sensor platform is a modular device capable of supporting numerous sensors and is very easy to install for short-term and long-term data gathering. The wireless monitors can be programmed with a variety of frequencies as it is important for many types of industries such as healthcare where our equipment will not interfere with other critical equipment. For more in-depth product overview   click here >>


Wireless Gateway / Bridge

The Aretas Communication Bridge allows the Wireless Sensor units to communicate with the Aretas Internet API. The bridge also provides communication for application control messages and receives readings from the sensors deployed in the immediate environment. The bridge is capable of receiving wireless sensor data from up to 100* different monitors reporting within its range (*depending on sensor configuration). Other versions of the bridge are available that support RS422 and RS232 interface(s) with support for many common fixed monitoring solutions. Wireless 4-20mA support is also available. The Aretas Communications Bridge also enables BACNET messaging protocols .  The data from the monitors is stored and made available in semi-real-time to the client via the central Aretas Reporting Application.

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How The Aretas Solutions Work

Aretas works with you to set strategies to meet your various goals. We encourage you to contact us for a clear and concise online review of the solutions you are interested in. For immediate information and screen shots of our software click here >>