Aretas Aerial UAV Octocopter designed for technical payloads

Aretas Aerial, a Canadian provider of UAV solutions and IoT Sensor and IoT Cloud platform products, announces its latest Professional UAV platform for Commercial, Industrial and Research applications. The Canadian built UAV Octocopter V1000 Drone is designed for technical payloads and provides a steady, reliable flight platform. Taking advantage of the newest high power motors and carbon fiber propellers, the large octocopter platform can carry a heavy payload such as a cinema quality DSLR, scanning LIDAR, and radiation sensors.

One of Canada’s leading providers of applied research, development and demonstration (RD&D) and technology commercialization, recently selected Aretas Aerials’ V1000 as a part of their expanding UAV fleet.

The V1000 is the first Multirotor in Aretas’ lineup that has the ability to do fixed location monitoring with features like VTOL (vertical take-off and land) and GPS lock Loiter / Altitude hold functions that are not feasible with traditional fixed wing craft. A major requirement was to mount the client’s existing gas monitor sensor and radiation sensor to this platform. The payload area of the V1000 is ideal for accommodating a wide variety of shapes, and weights.

Flight times for this heavy lift platform are optimized for the loads and sensitive sensor packages including CO2, CO, NO2, PM 2.5-10, VOC and Radiation. All sensors provide real time data and can be viewed online. A wide variety of payloads can be custom mounted to its frame. The V1000 can tolerate a motor, propeller or speed controller failure while maintaining flight and safety of the payload.

The V1000 is packaged in a high quality, hard shell, lockable case, which allows for peace of mind during transport and in the field. This UAV, at almost five feet in diameter, has a large payload area which allows significant space for payload customization.

Aretas Aerial prides itself on being an agile technology company that has built its foundation on customizable solutions. Aretas offers a wide-variety of sensing technology to meet many needs. Aretas Aerial has developed purpose built UAV hardware that can be quickly deployed to gather critical information in difficult-to-reach or remote locations.

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