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A Kaizen Like Algorithm for Iterative PMV

One of the interesting conundrums about the PMV calculation is that it's a predicted mean vote. And it was (presumably) built around statistics gathered decades ago. However, the PMV itself is really a subjective criteria. And subjective criteria are often best quantified and correlated with real world data.

The Problem with Energy Consumption Monitoring

Energy Consumption Monitoring has become a hot topic lately, with many innovative companies (Current Cost, Pulse Energy, Google Power Meter) springing out of the woodwork offering various types of continuous energy consumption monitoring. Some companies offer a clamp on device that you put on your power mains and a remote monitor that shows power consumption data. Others integrate directly with "smart meters".

Monitoring AIR Quality Where it Matters

Health Canada has a national Air Quality Monitoring network, but is it monitoring Air Quality where it really matters? People spend most of their time indoors. Canada, like other developed nations has a highly urbanized population that spends most of its time indoors, where Air Quality Monitoring matters most. Aretas will be one of the only national entities monitoring air quality across a wide variety of buildings, offices and residential MDU complexes, INDOORS.

Clean air reduces healthcare expenses

In a recent article, provides some interesting statistics correlating air pollution related events and hospital spending (cited from a RAND study on the same topic). Read more from the article here: