IoT Gateway

The Aretas communication bridges and transmission software options allows your data to be transmitted from wireless monitors to the online analytics and alerts system. The robust data analytics and alerts system can then be access by your team from any computer 24/7 worldwide.

Aretas offers communication options to meet your unique requirements while keeping within budgets for your projects. Call to speak with a live representative today (877) 218-6232 to review your needs and for a free quote.

Aretas Core IOT Gateway - ASMX01BR

  • See Download > Data Sheet for Specs. 
  • Standard IOT Gateway. 
  • Also requires ASMXO1WA

Comm Bridge II - ASMX02IndBR

  • INTEL® Bay Trail-M N2930 SoC Processor 1.83GHz, Quad-Core, 7.5W
  • Embedded Long-life Series, 5 Year Availability
  • NUC Form Factor (101mm X 101mm) Design for Fanless Systems
  • 9V~24V DC jack on back panel for external power supply
  • 2 x HDMI & 2 x LAN
  • ECO-design for EuP/ErP
  • 4 - 8 GB RAM
  • 120GB SSD
  • 43x24x5cm (17x10x2in.)

Comm Software & Wireless Adapter
We also offer the software for people to self install on their own PC or server using our USB Adapter >>

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Communication options
Aretas understands that each project has unique challenges when it comes to communication infrastructure so we have developed a range of data communication options. Note that the following options all require a $20 per month, per comm bridge data hosting fee for access to online data analytics and alerts 24/7 worldwide.

Wireless Monitor to Ethernet: This is our standard and lowest cost option for clients to connect a comm bridge via Ethernet to an Internet accessible router. This allows data to be sent and received as needed with typically continuous connectivity and no added client costs for data usage.

If local internet is not available for your project these other communication options can get added:

  • Wi-Fi: = This is wireless or untethered Ethernet that accesses your local wifi network.
  • 3G Broadband: Just like your cell phone plan you can setup a 3G capable account with your cell phone provider*.
  • Satellite: Have a remote high-value project such as oil pipeline monitoring or remote helicopter refueling stations then a satellite connection may be your only option. Contact Aretas to discuss the data connectivity option that is right for you (877) 218-6232.

* The cellular data plan will need to account for the data transmission interval set for each monitor connected to an individual bridge to try and not exceed the data plan limits per month.


  • Wireless frequency 802.15.4 (Does not interfere with standard IEEE 802.11 frequency).
  • 900MHz / 868MHZ (xbee, zigbee)

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