Productivity, as it is affected by Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is often not something that companies focus on when working to improve their business. There is a potential for employees while at work to experience respiratory illness, allergies & asthma, effects of sick building syndrome, and negative effects from thermal environment and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels.

In an article by William J. Fisk, P.E. titled 'How IEQ Affects Health, Productivity' the diagram to the right was introduced outlining some of the Estimated Productivity Gains that can be experience with improved IEQ / IAQ initiatives. Mr. Fisk is a staff scientist and department head, Indoor Environment Department, at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Calif.

Aretas has many ways to help you gather data so you can improve many aspects of IAQ & IEQ saving untold amounts lost to lower productivity.


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