Aretas is conducting research in the following areas:

  • Rapid sensor prototyping and commercialization platform
  • Smart thermostat development and algorithms
  • Researching and developing electrochemical MEMS / Nanotech sensor electronics and measurement methodologies / algorithms
  • Designing and validating sensor measurement algorithms and compensation functions
  • Validating and Extending IEQ / IAQ algorithms
  • Refining Analytics, Statistical and Forecasting Algorithms (for IAQ / Energy Consumption, Carbon emission)
  • Creating the world's largest queryable indoor environment metrics database using advanced schema free VLDB technologies and map/reduce methodologies.
  • Exploring and implementing and refining existing advances in computing and systems development (computational offloading, cloud computing, map/reduce analytics, schemaless clustered database, decoupled process, decoupled web application frameworks)

If you are a graduate student with parallel research interests and would be interested in a graduate internship or research sponsorship, please contact us.