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| Rob Wickens
July 2015

In May, the World Health Organization updated the acceptable levels of small particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and ground-level ozone. The information presented by CBC News referencing an editorial by the Canadian Medical Association Journal calls for Canada to adjust it levels saying “Canada can't afford complacency on air pollution”.

| Rob Wickens
June 2015

Smoke particles linked to lung infectionsAs shared on the ScienceDaily website Scientists at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine have found that smoke particles created by burning fuel for cooking, light and heat increase the risk of lung infections and pneumonia.This affects an estimated 3 billion people worldwide, in particularly low and middle income countries where bacterial pneumonia is the biggest cause of infant

| Rob Wickens
May 2015

Pre-industrial revolution carbon dioxide levels averaged about 280 ppm. Since the original industrial revolution in the 1800’s, many countries continue to industrialize. Recently, China has become the leading producer of CO2 emissions worldwide.

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