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| Rob Wickens
March 2015

When you think about cigarette smoking what comes to mind for you? Seems there is a strong divide between those who smoke and those who don’t. What rights do we all share and when does one group infringe on the rights of another?

| admin
February 2015

A recent study conducted by researchers from various universities in the United States and Mexico have concluded that carriers of the apolipoprotein e4 allele gene (APOE4) showed significant decrements on attention and short-term memory when exposed to air pollutants (including PM 2.5) above the current USA standards. APOE4 is the most prevalent genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. The estimated APOE4 gene in Caucasian population is 13.7%, while estimated population with Alzheimer's that carries the APOE4 gene is 36.7%.

| admin
August 2014

All Aretas sensors have the ability to support geotagging for sensor readings. Every reading stored in our data center also has a field for geotagging. Even if each data point's geotag is not populated, the sensor location is also stored separately and correlated with the data output. Coupled with timestamp, geo tag (x,y,z) and sensor value, all available dimensions are queryable for analysis and visualization.

Numerous fixed station sensors can be visualized in 2-D, output from moving sensors can be tracked and visualized (in 3-D) and data can be queried geographically.

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